Joan Boelens (61)

Joan has earned his spurs in education and the sportsworld, among others as owner of  Bewegingscentrum Leeuwarden.
In addition, he has acted as a boardmember of various organizations, at home as abroad.
Charasteristic for Joan is the word "Connection", laying lines to the socially weak/disadvantaged in the society bij giving guidance.




Max Houttuin (40)

Clubs: Blauw Wit’34; scHeerenveen, national team: U21 with Ruud v.Nistelrooy and Mark v.Bommel

Special: played Champions League

Partner: Monique 3 children 3, 6 and 8 years old

Place of residence: Stiens (Friesland), the Netherlands

Life vision

It is important for me to help other people if it is combined with sports than it is a good combination for me. It fits perfect with my vision of life! In my opinion it is essential to help young people to use their talents and to achieve their dreams. My relation with sports is that I think it is very important to do sportactivities. It is healthy for body and soul, it gives satisfaction and self-convidence. Besides it connects people and gives opportunities to grow to a place in society.


It is special that my mother, Joyce Arends, was born on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. My father, Dirk, and my brother in law, Jelle Swart, are also helping the foundation. They are organizing meetings and events to raise money.


I had the privilege to play seven years as a professional player. Unfortunately had had to stop at the age of 25 because of injuries. I want to share my experience with youthplayers. I am already doing this with pleasure ath the club where it all began: Blauw Wit’34 in the city of Leeuwarden. I am home again. Awas Kaki, watch your feet.



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