Train trainers through courses and clinics

1. Courses 2. Clinics

1. Courses. Since 2013 we give yearly a YCC (Youth Coaching Course)for our own players. These are players with a scholarship. They are 16/17 years old. In addition to a 4x2 hour course, 50% practice, the students will do some internship at the football club. A good number of them now earn money, because they are hired by other clubs and go back to their own village to help their club. It is not common for trainers to be young and also good trainers. In Indonesia parents think that old professionals are automatically good (youth) trainers. On request we give free courses, among others, to schools and universities. In collaboration with Timo Scheunemann -a famous Indonesian coach- Ronald worked together with him on an Indonesian course, free for Indonesians to see on the internet.

2. Clinics. At small places in the countryside and even in Nepal and Singapore.





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