Oktober started for coach Ronald with two invitations to help developing youth soccer. After helping set up the curriculum during the last six seasons at "Terang Bangsa", every soccer lover can see the results. Also the experience that Deny Singo had in the Netherlands, doing try outs at two pro teams helped spreading the youth program. Last weekend coach Ronald coacht coaches at a soccerclub in Jakarta, two of them came from Africa. He also gave a clinic for 130 children. On the 16h and 17th he will be one of the instructors invited by coach Timo (Scheunemann) a well known Indonesian coach. Coach Timo is one of the leaders who started a LPSI 101 course (Lembaga Pendidika Sepak bola Indonesia). Fifty coaches are following this course and it is free to see on the internet in the Indonesian language. Ronald will speak about the Dutch youth soccer. In november he started a new coaching course for 11 players of the soccerschool who are 16 years old.


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