Ronald Lepez  (1956), played for Heerenveen and Cambuur, holds a UEFA-C license, was an instructor at the KNVB Academy, and worked in primary and vocational education for  30  years.

In 2011, Ronald and his wife Barbara emigrated to Indonesia to fulfill the mission of the foundation. As of June 1, 2023, two local employees have taken over all tasks. There is weekly online contact. Ronald returns for a few weeks each summer and winter.

Meet Ronald

The board

The foundation is managed by a board from the Netherlands and consists of four volunteers, each of whom is connected to Awas Kaki in their own way.

The board consists of: Mathijs Lindemulder (chairman), Janet Visser-Lageveen (secretary), Cor van Waveren (treasurer), and Jelle Swart (general board member).

Good to know

In Indonesia, everyone must register under one of these five religions:
Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, or Christian. This is stated on your ID card.

The education system includes Muslim, private, and Christian schools. The latter do not receive any government funding.

We report all of our developments and donations on our website.

Annually, we organize a “Friends of Awas Kaki evening” for our donors.