How we achieve our goals

The foundation is committed to the underprivileged in Indonesia. We do this by:

1. Soccer.

2. Education .

3. Other projects.

Football club Terang Bangsa

1. Soccer

A. Football club Terang Bangsa.

B. Courses.

C. Clinics.

D. PLedge United.

E. Football trips.

A. Club “Terang Bangsa”

Football culture in Indonesia.

The PSSI = Indonesian FA does little for football development.

Associations have no policy and do not have their own field.

There is no youth football program.

This puts the country at no. 149 on the FIFA list.

Football club
Substructure club

The club as an example for Indonesia

There is also training during Ramadan.

150 children (5-17 years) play with us, they are brought by their parents on a moped. Training takes place all year round. Training takes place after school between 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday. During the fasting month, adapted training is given. The o7 trains weekly 3 x 1 hour, the rest 3 x 1 ½ hours. Goalkeepers receive training from two goalkeeper trainers.

Every year many players are chosen for regional and national selections and move on to the professional leagues 1, 2 or 3.

Competitions and tournaments

There are almost no competitions.

A tournament or match is played twice a month per age group. A tournament often starts on Saturday. When you get through the group stage, matches will take place on Sunday according to the knock-out system. Sometimes departures are made as early as Friday. Parents take care of the whole organization.


There are currently seven   certified trainers. For most trainers it is an important part of their income. There will be trainer consultations and retraining takes place.

B. Courses and C. Clinics

We train a class of 16-year-old players every year.

Course: 4×2 hours with internship at our club. 246 trainers have now been trained. On request, we provide free courses at universities and schools.

D. Pledge United and E. Football Trips

Pledge United: a collaboration with “Inspire-Indonesia” trains trainers to point out gender equality between boys and girls and to pass this on to their players.

Voetbaltrips: stimulating youth football on other islands through clinics, courses and camps.

2. Education

The football club is the idea of ​​a local church.

The church offers football and education to 60 students. These teens aged 12-17 have a scholarship. Selections are made for this. For 3 to 6 years of education, they receive football training with full care where necessary. They follow education at our high school, which is next to the field, and train four times a week. Players from out of town live together in a dorm.

When parents do not have the financial means, Awas Kaki helps with school fees.

Example of schooling: Franz Rizky

Rizky, one of our former players, receives a contribution from Awas Kaki for his sports studies at the university. His official training diploma-3 was also sponsored by the foundation and he was allowed to participate in the World coaches training.

“My impression of taking the Youth Coach Training was extraordinary, why is that, because when I was still in school, I also wanted to gain coaching knowledge. From the Youth Coach Training I can learn how to make a good and fun early childhood training program. And of course, in the training we not only learn how to be a coach, but also how to be a good role model for these children. Now I can finally help coach at SSB Terang Bangsa Semarang.”

3. Other projects

Because of football we get a lot of questions for help. Dozens of projects have been carried out as a result.

Food Aid – distribution of food packages (87.072 have been helped).

Coaching youth trainers – mentoring, advising (300 trainers trained).

Emergency relief – such as for spills, floods.

On request – primary schools are helped.