Meet the board

Our board members do not receive any remuneration.

Mathijs Lindemulder

Mathijs Lindemulder is chairman of the foundation.

“It is therefore an honor to dedicate myself to Awas Kaki.”

“Football is where my story with Awas Kaki started. From a young age I played football at top amateur level at various clubs in the city of Groningen (including Be Quick 1887 and CVV Oranje Nasau). During a tour in South-East Asia, I contacted Ronald, asking if I could do something for the football school in Semarang.

During a period of two weeks, Ronald and I gave training to the students at the football school and got to know the coaches. It still touches me when I think back to how such a small gesture, giving football training and attention, released so much joy and gratitude from the students. In addition to the football school, Ronald and Barbara also showed me other projects, such as the support for the local (primary) school.

During the period I have received a lot of appreciation for the enormous heart of Ronald and Barbara and the support they offer to the underprivileged in Indonesia through numerous projects. 

Janet Visser-Lageveen

Janet Visser-Lageveen is secretary of the foundation.

“The great thing about this foundation is that the lines are short…”

I have known Ronald and Barbara through mutual family for years. From a distance I always followed their activities with interest and a few years ago I became acquainted with the Foundation and some of the employees at a meeting in Leeuwarden.

Last year Ronald let me know that they would like to rejuvenate the board and asked if I knew someone who wanted to become secretary, or if I might be…? The fact that I meant that rejuvenation with my 50+ naturally elicited a smile.

The great thing about this foundation is that the lines are short, the people in Indonesia ensure that the money is well spent on site, and I wanted to contribute to that. In addition, I have always been indirectly involved in football and I think it is a great way to support children, and therefore the families from which they come, and give them a better future through sporting activities.

Cor van Waveren

Cor van Waveren is treasurer of the foundation.

“Because it contributes to concrete small-scale charity.”

“Years ago, I got to know Ronald Lepez as a colleague at ROC Friese Poort. Although I found his religious enthusiasm great, I had a lot of admiration for his commitment. And for the initiatives he took, such as founding the Sports Witnesses and Awas Kaki foundations. I wouldn’t have taken such a big step myself: resign and go to Indonesia for Awas Kaki. I had my doubts about that, but okay. After that, Ronald and Barbara pretty much disappeared from my field of vision, although… Occasionally a memory did surface.

When I was about to retire, I saw on Facebook that a young treasurer was being sought for Awas Kaki. Although I’m not really a numbers man at all, I had been treasurer of a church for years. And perhaps afraid of falling into a black hole, I applied: if they couldn’t find someone young, I might want to become treasurer. I thought I should apply but would not be chosen because of my age. But that was not the case: I already had the position.

I really enjoy doing this work. Because it contributes to concrete small-scale charity. Very good things happen there in Indonesia with the small budget that we get available here in the Netherlands. Fortunately, thanks to our regular donors, the Friends of Awas Kaki, we have a stable income and we can make a good estimate of the realistic possibilities. And if you look at the website, you immediately see that the money is well spent: on concrete people and activities, good examples in a turbulent world. Every euro also ends up there It gives me a good feeling.”

Jelle Swart

Jelle Swart is a general board member.

“Everyone (every child) should be able to participate with sports/football as a catalyst.”

“Former President” Dirk Houttuin is my father-in-law and introduced me to Awas Kaki. Everyone (every child) should be able to participate in sports/football as a catalyst. Those are also important values ​​in my own life. I immediately felt this with Awas Kaki. In addition, I really liked it that you knew for sure that the money we collected would certainly end up in the right place. That’s why I decided to think along as a board member of general affairs and have been doing this for 5 years now.