10 August 2023
New: Cirebon United

New football project in Cirebon

Good example leads to good follow. Our football project in Semarang serves as an example for the whole of Indonesia. In the city of Cirebon, W-Java, a new project has started in this 2023-2024 season: Cirebon United.

Mr. San coordinates this new construction, which consists of: a small artificial grass field, a school building and sleeping accommodations for 100 players aged 12-18. Talented players sign up. We started with sixty players and eight coaches. They marvel at a small artificial lawn for max. 6:6, beautiful sleeping accommodation and a school. They rent an 11:11 field not far away .Everything is offered free and sponsors have been found for this. For a large field, they are dependent on a field near this accommodation. Mr. San has arranged everything well from the foundation. Everything is a relief for the players. Ronald Lepez and the staff of Terang Bangsa have been asked to train the trainers and teach the curriculum. For this, Ronald will also bring Dutch coaches. They are planning to travel to Cirebon United in January 2024.