1 may 2024
Update football projects

Scooter accident and D license

We have trained hundreds of players. Usually good things happen, sometimes bad things happen.

In his hometown, this player crashed because he drove into a pothole on a bad road at night. He is now waiting for an operation, because he can no longer use one of his hands.

Our assistant coach Ravindra attended a license D course sponsored by the foundation. The diploma follows. The new coach is now working on our field every day!

Perhaps due to the technical advice from Ronald and Jan Melchers in January, the junior team of Cirebon United won a prestigious tournament in April.

Currently, 14 players are following the practice at the club, after completing this they receive the certificate. No internship was followed during the fasting month in March/April.

For the new season, 2×15 players have been selected after the final selection days in March.

Our latest project on the Moluccas is progressing steadily.

One of our former players reached the semi-finals of the U23 World Cup but lost to Uzbekistan (0-2). What remains is a match for third place with qualification for the Olympic Games in Paris at stake.