May 2024

“I am an Atheist, thank God!”

“History repeats itself; it has to, because no-one listens!”

Learning from our history.

I believe that in every person there is a desire for spirituality, religion or whatever people call it. The Creator has placed this in us. Unless this place is filled His way, we will never reach the purpose of our lives! Many are looking for the right path: Buddhists, Hindus, Humanists, Something-isms or mixes of these. On May 4, I attended the commemoration for the first time and attended the commemoration in Heerenveen. Simply beautiful with a lot of young people. Later I followed the national commemoration on Dam Square in Amsterdam on TV. I know that the Netherlands is on high alert with regard to terrorist actions. In 2024, freedom means: heavy checks at events, resulting in an almost empty Dam Square. In Uithoorn I walked in a neighborhood and was surprised to see a few Palestinian flags hanging near houses, not a single Israeli flag. The Netherlands has a lot of Israel supporters, so far, I have not seen a single flag of this special country. What started in American universities has now also started in Europe. We have already been warned from Israel that October 7 will also take place in Europe. Various Islamic leaders have warned us about this in the past: “The West” thinks it understands Islam, but will have to pay the price for this arrogance. In England and France, they know what that price is.

With 15 million Jews in the world, they make up only 0.2% of the world’s population. Yet they have managed to win no less than 30% of the Nobel Prizes since 1901.

Communists, Christians and Jews believe in a sudden change for the better. Has that turnaround already occurred in Russia and China? They believe that it will happen through humanity, an era of prosperity and well-being for all. It’s the same thing Jews and Christians believe. The communists got their vision from the prophetic writings of the Jews. However, they believe that this kingdom of peace can only come about through the return of their Savior: Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Utopia will not be achieved by humanity. Should the Jews therefore be destroyed?

I would like to ask Dutch sympathizers of Hamas and Islam: “Which Islamic country would you like to live in?” A quick tip: In which country do they strive for equal treatment for men and women and is there freedom of the press? In “the West” we still have (Christian) values ​​and norms, democracy, freedom of expression and the press. Are we doing it right in the Netherlands? No, we have problems too. For Our Creator: “If I only do good, if I think so, if I just have a good feeling, it is not good enough. A quick tip: In which country do they strive for equal treatment for men and women and is there freedom of the press? In “the West” we still have (Christian) values ​​and norms, democracy, freedom of expression and the press. Are we doing it right in the Netherlands? No, we have problems too. For Our Creator: “If I only do good, if I think so, if I just have a good feeling, it is not good enough.

At the end of the 20th century, we were able to take stock. It started so beautifully: the industrial revolution, great inventions, then two world wars, an example was the sinking of the “unsinkable” TITANIC, full of all human technical knowledge. Now we are already 24 years into the 21st century. Does history repeat itself?

Fortunately, the road to the Savior is still passable, His help and faithfulness He shows in His Creation through the rainbow.

“Foolish people enjoy their evil deeds, but wise people enjoy their wisdom.”

“Make war, no peace!”

“At the moment when life seems to have no meaning whatsoever, at that moment man must try to give meaning to his life again.”

Is the root of all evil the love of money?

The Dutch women’s football team complains about the overcrowded agenda. Too many ladies are injured and that means they don’t go to the games. Top men’s trainers also say this, but nothing changes. Countries do not want to play football in Qatar, but it continues anyway, even involving 6,500 corpses, fortunately from countries such as Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Is football war? What’s behind this? The 2024 World Swimming Championships have just been held in Qatar and we are so happy, because we have gold! Oh well, the world keeps turning, but not for Matthijs van Nieuwkerk (TV personality), for him DWDD has come to a standstill, but a new contract is ready and everyone is happy again, or not?

In the meantime, the war machines grind on quietly (Rutte: 100 million for ammunition in Ukraine), because money has to flow! Positions are being taken all over the world, China is coming, the Bear Russia is showing its teeth, or as Mr. Toonen my old history teacher said: “a bear remains a bear, that will not change!” Every resistance is crushed (Navalny!) now in Ukraine. And…it’s going to get worse, because what we’re seeing now is peanuts compared to what’s to come, I guarantee you.

“A few things happen and suddenly you wake up in a different world. That is what we are experiencing now. What we see now is that you can indeed have major wars in a world full of nuclear weapons. You Europeans have had your heads in the clouds” (Martin van Creveld, military historian, NRC February 19, 2024)

And…it’s going to get worse, because what we’re seeing now is peanuts compared to what’s to come, I guarantee you. I read my Coach’s manual.

O-bla-di-o-bla-da life goes on yeah!

February 2024

“Project report January 2024”

“Very few people realize what they are capable of until they try and persevere in what they have done.” William Carey.

The new generation

This statue to encourage Indonesian youth is located in the center of the capital Jakarta. It was created to enable the people to participate in the progress of national development. In recent years we have been able to encourage hundreds of young people to… football to further shape their future. I have had the opportunity to talk to many young people. In Jakarta I spoke to a personal trainer, who did an internship with us and wants to use his future with fitness, nutrition and studies to help him play football. That one player I talked to who wasn’t good enough to play at a high level, but now wants to be a professor at a university, because we learned him discipline. Two others are taking a management course and I could go on for a long time. In short, a very fruitful month to further prepare a new generation. Perseverance is a key word!

For a report I refer you to this news item:

“Teach a child the right way from his youth, and he will not depart from it when he grows old.”

Januari 2024

Pilpoel and “project januari 2024”

Pilpoel: “Idle discussions with nonsensical arguments about all kinds of trifles that have no practical connection with the real needs in this world.”

Empty discussions.

Influence on Dutch youth

In the last semester of 2023, I took you through things that stood out to me in my first months. The summary about the state of the Netherlands is above: “Pilpoel”! My conclusion is that the Netherlands has lost its way, is over-organized and continues to become “Wilder” (President Geert Wilder) on a daily basis. Many platforms are filled with empty words and the truth is hard to find. These are facts that we cannot ignore. My return also included jobs at the KNVB and six months of “training the trainer” at my old club vvHeerenveen. I’ll stop with the latter, but remain there as a club referee. I like the positions at the KNVB and I will intensify my teaching position at the Football Coach-1 course. In this way, I can best use my talents during my retirement to have an influence on Dutch youth.

On December 30, I left to stay in Indonesia for six weeks. The first week was still relaxing, but then I will give training again together with trainer Jan Melchers in four places, including Semarang and Jakarta. I have called it “Project January 2024”. The country is preparing for the elections in February and is full of thousands of party flags and photos of candidates. Parties are already seeking each other out to strengthen each other and form coalitions. The intended new president appears large in one photo together with the son – the intended vice president? – of the current president. Perhaps something to be learned from this ancient colony?

On the right track!

In the flood of advertisements for gambling, there has been hardly any dissent about its risks. And while the Gaming Authority already warned in 2019 that gambling advertisements can affect vulnerable groups such as young people. One in five online gamblers is now between 18 and 23 years old, and helplines for people with a gambling addiction are seeing an increase in young people who are getting into trouble because of this. All alarm bells are ringing, and young people are still not made aware of the dangers of gambling. (Source: bnn/ 20 sept. 2023)

“Sometimes a person thinks he is taking the right path, but it ends in death.”

Legally grown cannabis sold in the Netherlands for the first time.

The first legally grown cannabis will be sold in the Netherlands from December 15, 2023. This is happening as part of an experiment to legalize the cultivation and purchase of cannabis. The sale of soft drugs such as cannabis has been permitted in the Netherlands for decades, but cultivation and purchase by coffee shop traders is still prohibited.

Legal weed in the Netherlands has been around for a long time, hasn’t it? Yes and no. Coffee shops have been allowed to sell weed and hashish since the 1970s without being criminally prosecuted. Officially it is not legal, but it is tacitly permitted. This is called a “tolerance policy”. There are a number of rules. For example, traders may sell a maximum of 5 grams of soft drugs per day per person. It is also not allowed to sell to minors, and only to people who live in the Netherlands. The tolerance policy was introduced in the 1970s to separate the market for soft drugs and hard drugs. At the same time, growing cannabis plants is still prohibited and actively prosecuted. The purchase of cannabis by coffee shop owners is also illegal. But the court turns a blind eye to that. (Source: 15 dec. 2023)

Back to Indonesia

Someone who sows little will also reap little. One who sows much will also reap much.

After fifteen years, I was allowed to teach a football trainer course in the Netherlands again in September at sv Urk: VC-1 (Football coach for pupils or junior trainers). At the end of August I received training for project staff on the campus of the KNVB academy in Zeist. I was amazed at what professionalism and knowledge! I am so grateful that I am Dutch and can help to further develop youth football through the training I have taken here. It is a great export product and as a small country we can be proud of that. Indonesia hardly has any football fields, let alone a canteen or changing rooms. There are no training courses for youth coaches. On the other hand, there is excellent football training in our country, not only for players, but also for trainers, referees, board members and other management. So stop all the whining!

There is nothing new under the sun: there are values ​​and norms, black and white, good and evil, dark and light, fire and water. As a referee in “black and white”, the rules are clear. Unfortunately, sometimes not, even with a VAR, because the line between the rules is paper-thin. I think it’s great that a whistle keeps 22 young people in line, where else can you find this? It is necessary that everyone knows the rules and that already creates many problems. Because “hands” does not always turn out to be “hands” and rules such as keeping distance differ among young people. Most of the problems do not lie with the players, but with adults: coaches, teammanagers, parents and…..grandfathers.

Christmas 2023?

This year we are celebrating a Dutch Christmas with our children for the first time in fifteen years. It’s just one sacrifice we’ve made over the years. In Indonesia – 90% Muslims – Christmas is not celebrated as exuberantly as here. In my previous blogs I talked about our first six months back in the Netherlands. After the elections we are even more “wild” and I do not believe that politics will bring us peace. For me there is only one Man and without Him your Christmas is wrong, happy and blessed holidays!

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders… Prince of Peace.”

Teach young children to live well Then they will also live a good life later.

You can often find me on Saturdays at 9 a.m. on the fields of vv Heerenveen, where I guide trainers and leaders. I think it’s nice work. To get to know the club better, I also referee competitions and am also active in sports. I hear and I see a lot. An U13 team from the Flevopolders was better than the local club, both individually and as a team. Their trainer and leader, who were already quite old, led to the defeat of their own team. Just like their role models, the players also responded to the bystanders and the referee. The behavior of the adult leaders spilled over to the players, who forgot that they were better and lost the match.

Money and power

At teacher training I was taught about the UN, which was established after WWII as an organization to ensure that there would never be another war in the world. How different is the reality! What is left of all the good intentions? Every country wants power and everything revolves around money, no, there is nothing new under the sun. We want to be different, but we can’t. Everyone wants peace, but man can’t make it happen. That is why a strong leader must arise who can lead the world and put an end to all misery in this world, a prince of peace. And that world leader will come. How do I know this? It has long been predicted and it has to do with the M-East: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, where a Prince of Peace was once born. I see the preparations happening before my eyes every day, but many people are sight-blind and they hear, but remain deaf.

When I’m in the car I often listen to radio 1, it usually shows what the Netherlands is doing, but it is often on another channel, because there are many topics that always get a broad platform and where I I’ve heard enough nonsense about it. This time an interesting topic about unpaid children’s games on the phone or laptop. People often don’t know what is behind the making of such a game, but when it is free, it is abused. Unsolicited information is provided to children and their data is used. Even the makers don’t know what they are doing and where the algorithms lead, so they too are used again. How bad is this? “The question was, can’t something be done about it? “Little, but not enough” was the answer!” (Source: radio-1)


I found the piece below interesting and I read it on the internet.

A quarter of men in our country say they have ever paid for sex. A third of all downloads on the Internet have something to do with sex or porn. The total turnover of the US porn industry is $13.3 billion. Globally, the online porn industry alone earns three thousand dollars per second. (Source: internet)

Oktober 2023

The state of the Netherlands

Guide me.

Teach young children to live well Then they will also live a good life later

Fallen from my faith.

It’s true, I have fallen from my faith. I consider myself to be positive by nature, open and friendly to everyone. After four months back I changed that. I used to look at oncoming traffic on my bike and say hello in a friendly manner, but now I look away. The reason is that hardly anyone says anything back anymore. How different it was at the beginning of Covid. Then everyone said goodbye to each other, until it finally came to an end, it then gradually became the state we are in now.

“With pain in my heart I had to keep playing football.”

I am a product of a divorce along with my younger brother and sister. My mother ran away from my father. They had both previously been married in the Dutch East Indies. I was born in Almelo in 1956, so I am a Tukker. My first club was GFC in Goor (Ov.). We were assigned a house in Heerenveen and I became a member of the football club. The Thialf artificial ice rink was built in my youth, now one of the fastest rink in the world. I skated there and played hockey. I met my wife Barbara and had our first date on the ice! At the age of thirteen I was at a crossroads, a decision was made for me from above, or so I believe. I left my ice hockey skates in the locker room at Thialf after the winter and of course they were gone at the start of the new season. My mother couldn’t pay $100 again. With pain in my heart I had to keep playing football. By the way, my heart still beats hard for a good ice hockey match. I still have one memory of it today: my incisors were broken by a stick. It had to be that way. But how grateful I am now for the hundreds of acquaintances and friends I have had through playing football! We hope to move into a rental house in the sports city of Heerenveen. It feels like “coming home.”

“A people without good leaders is defeated, but a people with many counselors is saved.”

It strikes me that there are no more leaders and where do we still see role models in our country? I understand that there are also few good counselors to be found. When I talk to others about this, they can’t call me anyone. People do notice a lot, especially on the media platforms, but they have no idea of ​​the world picture, of which we are only a tiny part. Our dikes have become too high to protect us, so we can’t see far!“Every advantage has its disadvantage.” (Johan Cruyff)

The elections are on November 22. We see that parties are sharpening their knives, new “sufferers” are emerging, all the previous ones have left with a silent, but certainly full, financial drum and are starting a new well-paid job. But now everything is really going to be fine: new promises and new parties. Count your winnings! There is a time for everything…

“Man was made righteous by God, but he always chooses the wrong paths.”

Over the past few months, I have come to a conclusion: we have lost our way in the Netherlands! I see that people take many paths and that everyone is seeking their own truth, but are lost. There are many paths, but what is the path? I see and read a lot about: eco, ego, standing up for yourself, boss in your own stomach, festivals “going crazy”: Mystery Madness, Loveland, Best Kept Secret, Mystic Garden. In my roaring twenties it was called flower power: “Make love no war”, Woodstock, Ban the Bomb, what is left of this, has the world improved yet? In 2023 we have entered a time of “save the earth”, eco living, millennium goals. A world ruler must arise, who will ensure that everyone will prosper and tackle all problems, or will the world remain sidelined? There is nothing new under the sun. Every person suffers the same fate. Sometimes a path seems good to someone, but its end leads to death. What is the meaning of life? There is an answer: “Seek and you will find!” I am grateful that I found that path forty years ago.

September 2023

Stupidity and wisdom.

“Foolish words can hurt people a lot, but wise words can make people better.”

The concept of ‘wisdom’ is often associated with life wisdom: knowledge that we acquire based on life experience. However, the Hebrew word for wisdom, ‘chockma’, means much more. After all, it is not just about knowledge, but about the good life in all its aspects. A wise person is someone who has good intentions for himself and others, can listen well, evaluate and give advice, does not react impulsively, but with a good balance between reason and feeling.

Stupidity and wisdom.

In mid-August it was finally cycling weather again. On my second bike ride, two teenage girls rode towards me, and when the one in front passed me she shouted, “Nigger!” IIn my life I have never been yelled at because of my skin color. How does such a girl come to say this, would she have said it if she were alone? I think this is an example of “stupidity”.

Wisdom can be found on the street, I learned. We drive on the right here, in Indonesia they drive on the left. There must be rules, but when everyone goes their own way, accidents happen. I don’t hear good reports about people you expect to set a good example. Sporadically I still see role models in our beautiful country. There were good examples in my youth: politics, television, an agent, the master, etc. On radio 1 I heard an interview with someone from the medical field, I think a doctor. “He cites the culture of greed in the medical world. He states that earning IN healthcare is not a problem at all, but earning FROM healthcare is! And the latter happens. Thirty percent of operations are not necessary. Doctors and specialists grab what is available. but there is a lot of money to be made, with the result that care has become unaffordable. The solution is simple: make doctors and specialists civil servants, just as happened in Denmark.” It’s politics again, let’s make everything complicated first?

I am a Tukker, born in Almelo and left there young due to a divorce. Coming back sixty years later was special. My mother used to cycle with us to the Ootmarsumsestraat on Sundays and I cycled there. Cycling for four days and letting my thoughts go for 350 km. For the first time with “Friends on the bike”, €25 a bed, shower and breakfast, where else can you find that in the Netherlands, with cycling friends!

In the villages you can see the same things as in the cities: the shawarma farmer, the Blokker, the Hema, a supermarket. What a relief Ootmarsum was. With my Hema gift voucher, I’m Dutch after all, no lunch there, because there is no Hema there. Nice cafes with that wonderfully recognizable Twente dialect. And a city that is almost one museum, really surprisingly beautiful. On my way back I “coincidentally” booked with my new friend Herman in New Amsterdam. But “Old” Amsterdam has also settled there, have you ever heard of camping “Buitenland”? Unique and quirky, the site says. My friend told me that Floortje Dessing – do you know her? – with friends who own it. It reminded me of a contemporary form of “flower power” young people with small children – the older kids probably preferred to stay at home – With modern “alternative” colored hair and a hippie fashion. With activities such as: sweat lodge ceremonies, yoga classes, massages, meditations. Are these the parents who have so many Babboe cargo bikes in the school yard, whether electric or not? There was indeed good food and yes the pizza tasted delicious, the 45 minute waiting time turned out to be 15 minutes, because my “puck” beeped unexpectedly quickly. An Indonesian meal was for sale, made by a real Indonesian. Unfortunately, no “goat’s wool” prices with the ½ liter wheat beer. Is €6 for a large draft beer foreign?

Today I came across a little girl on the bike with her dog, she waved smiling at the “negro”.

Camping Buitenland

August 2023

“People who just say something are quick to do stupid things, but people who think first are wise.”

A lot of people ask me how I’m doing and if I’ve been able to adapt yet. After 15 years in a Muslim country with 280 million people, I look at the Netherlands differently. (Only our province, one of the 33, already has 2x as many inhabitants as the Netherlands!).

It was wonderful to cycle 350 km through the Netherlands and let your thoughts go about the future. What can I do with the years left to me? I slept with friends and we talked about politics, care, faith, youth, a lot has changed in 15 years. Many minority groups such as LGBTI, the slavery past get a broad platform and it seems that everyone thinks the same way. Every newspaper has a columnist, every program has an analyst, who has to fill the newspaper and the talk show every day. Why so much one-sided information? Why? Let the columnist and analyst do their thing!

As a Dutchman with Indonesian parents, I do wonder why the Indonesian people, with a population of two million, do not express themselves about 350 years of slavery.

Let Lang be Lang.

What does it mean when I read the above heading in VI? Don’t say anything about it, let him have his way, right? Noa Lang (24) is a Dutch football player, he speaks something Dutch, goes his own way, provokes the audience and also scored the only goal at the Johan Cruyff scale. Almost the entire game he was called a “cancer jew” by the Feyenoord public (No words, but deeds). Will those same supporters also throw hugs for Kika in the course of the season, or with something else? Oh well, let them go ahead. Great examples for our youth, right?

My highlights: contact with our children and take a good look at what our grandchildren look like, being grandfathers to them, celebrating their birthdays on the day they were actually born, seeing how they get their swimming diploma. It has all become so different for us. How well everything is organized here. A supermarket where everything is really for sale. Gas pumps, which are 3x as expensive, but never “sold out”. The traffic, the cycle paths with the numbers are great, but together with my GPS I had to look closely a few times, because what are LF cycle paths? But don’t many things in the Netherlands go too far, such as regulations and (social) media?

A few things I’ve run into. How do I proceed now, and what can my contribution still be in the Netherlands? Luckily the weather is getting better and hopefully I can go on another tour. Let me cycle!

July 2023

Seventy years are our years or eighties if we are strong. We end our years like a sigh.

Do they have the expression in Africa: “You have the clock, we have the time!” For example, rubber time is a saying in Indonesia. “I’ll come tomorrow” can mean the next day, but also next week. People are not so concerned about that. No one looks surprised when you are late for an appointment, that may be a few minutes, but it can also be hours. In the more hectic west we want to know exactly when you are coming and preferably also when you are going again, a minute too late is not done and causes stress for everyone.

After the “Friends of Awas Kaki evening” we received many compliments. Coach Foppe’s story fitted in perfectly with the Indonesian football culture and all the events of the past year. Foppe turned eighty this year. When he retired as a trainer his wife said now is her time! Every morning he gets up an hour earlier than Geke, his wife, reads the newspaper and prepares breakfast. I now adopt things that I learn from Foppe. “Do what you like after your retirement”, is advice that I certainly take to heart.

The first two weeks back in June were intense. Within a week I learned that my physical education teacher at the Pedagogical Academy had passed away at the age of 75. Last year I had a nice conversation with Jaap Ydema. A former director of one of the primary schools where I did an internship had also just passed away. Thank you Ger de Beer for letting me know you, Ger has turned 80 years old. In the same week, a mother, brother and uncle of one of our players died in a tragic car accident in Indonesia. Muslims are buried within 24 hours. The ten-year-old player was still in hospital at the time and had a minor injury above an eyebrow.

Several teachers and trainers have shaped me into the person and trainer I am today. In September, at the age of 66, I will start as a football development project assistant at the KNVB academy. After two evenings of further training, I can also give courses again. In the new season I will also guide youth trainers at my old association VV Heerenveen. The circle is then complete, because there is time for everything!

“Man’s days are like the grass, he is like a flower that blooms in the field and disappears as soon as the wind scorches him, the place where he stood knows him no more.”

June 2023

“For everything that happens there is an hour, a time for everything under heaven.”

We arrived safely in the Netherlands. Our household goods are still rocking somewhere at sea. The last days were mainly filled with many dinners to say goodbye. As a result, we only realized what an impact these fifteen years have had on thousands.

My role is changing more to that of a catalyst. First of all, continuing to be mentors to our two managers, but also as a motivator for the foundation. Establishing relationships with others and encouraging people to sponsor, for example. The “Friends of Awas Kaki evening” has been set up for this purpose. Friends are updated on the latest news here. This year on Thursday 8 June. We want to settle in Heerenveen and are looking for a house there. Barbara wants to work for a few days and I’m going to do something to further develop youth football. We will try to rebuild the contacts that we have not been able to maintain after all these years. This will be a process where we are aware that not only we, but also others have changed.

“Coach Ronald taught me not to throw everything on football, but also to study well. I now also apply that discipline in life. Because of my studies I can’t become a trainer, because then you have to be on the field every day. That’s why I became a referee, which pays well and takes less time. It is my dream to become a university doctoral student and I will be. Thank you coach Ronald for everything you taught me.”-Fahri-

Great to get this from a former player!