31 May 2023
Two hours sailing for a course

Fourth Pledge United course

For these two participants it was several hours sailing to participate in the fourth course we gave on an island in the Indian Ocean. They were part of the group of thirty plus six officials who were eager to know what the course entailed.

This course took place on 27 and 28 May. Of the 30 coaches and 6 officials who were present on the first day, 19 coaches and 6 officials remained until the last day due to their jobs as fishermen and tour guides which required them to work weekends. There were several group discussions with questions such as: what do you think of the tourist on the beach when a bikini is worn? They were interesting conversations! In the end they promised to have #pledge2respect for the woman.

“I traveled three hours by car and then two hours by fast boat to get to the island. The course opened their minds to accept women’s rights. Over the next five weeks they have to complete the Pledge United curriculum (eight sessions) and fill out a form that will be evaluated. We hope this will bring about change and make the islands safe and friendly for women.”