29 May 2023

Tournament without korupsi

Successful event

Awas Kaki sponsored a 3-day tournament with € 1200,- not organized by the football association or the government and without corruption. This is almost impossible, but from May 10-12 we showed that this is possible!

The organization was in the hands of twenty former players, in which the foundation sees new young leaders for the future of the country. The municipality, the police, the army, the federation and the ministry of sports had to be paid for permission first. They didn’t believe we could organize this because their rules have to be followed. The total budget was € 6000,- an asset! No school dares to accept this responsibility. The tournament was organized for 12 high school teams and was also a farewell for Ronald and Barbara.

The tournament was very successful and was won by the selected team of the Ministry of Sports and Youth of the province, beating the Highschool team SMA 2 from Banjarnegara. Terang Bangsa’s team came third by winning 1-0 against Sultan Agung Semarang. We will make it an annual tournament.