13 June 2023
Foppe de Haan stimulates foundation

Successful sponsor evening

The annual “Friends of Awas Kaki evening” was held this time in the canteen of GAVC, Grou. Eighty guests complimented us on the beautiful evening.

Chairman Mathijs Lindemulder opened the evening. Immediately the audience was fascinated to listen to the beautiful stories of former Heerenveen trainer Foppe de Haan. In a question-and-answer conversation with chief equerry Eduard Ehrhardt, he talked about his experiences with other (football) cultures. Many attendees did not know that Foppe also trained an Indonesian team.

Na de pauze, waarin musicus Sander Metz zijn muzikale talent etaleerde, ging Ronald Lepez verder met een verslag van de afgelopen 15 jaar en de laatste ontwikkelingen in Indonesiƫ.

We thank all those present for their presence and football club GAVC for their hospitality and sponsorship.