20 June 2023
Hope on different islands

Waiting list for Pledge United course.

A course with thirty trainers, contacts with a large organization and strengthening relationships on some of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands.

Thirty trainers completed their practical assignments this week. One trainer reaches an average of twenty teenagers. This means reaching 600 players! Many of the trainers had to travel for three or four hours. They don’t have their own transport, and the roads are bad. We don’t know exactly how they got to the course site. This must have happened by means of hitchhiking, walking or borrowing a means of transport such as a scooter.

For an island, a trainer means hope, relaxation, fun. But also learning values ​​and norms and respecting the opposite sex.

Our trips mean life-changing contacts for hundreds of trainers, children and parents. Take a good look at the grateful faces! It is diametrically opposed to the suicides by hanging and drowning, for example, of hundreds of young people on these islands, who have no hope for a future.