7 July 2023
Players to Liga 1 clubs

Players to Liga 1 clubs.

Good luck to our former players who have transferred from club to other clubs in Liga 1: Reza (photo) from PSIS Semarang to Persita Bogor; Edo from Rans to Persib Bandung and Yofan from PSIS Semarang to Dewa United Surabaya.

The special story of Reza.

Reza is a leader and was immediately made captain by Ronald. The captain also has special duties in the mess, where most of the boys stay. Many tasks have to be done: getting up on time, sometimes as early as 5:00 am for prayer, cleaning, washing clothes, buying electricity, in short, leading. His class was not full of talents and in the three years that I had them one small tournament was won. Then his little sister passed away. The girl was already mentally ill and died young. The whole team and we as leaders then traveled to him by school bus. It created a special bond between all of us and it still is today.

The O-18 team of the police club Bhayangkara – number seven in Liga 1 last season – chose three of the seven players who traveled for selection matches from our academy.

Petra (left) was our first keeper and had a great season. Alit (right) has shown himself to be a good defender. While Vikia (middle) surprised us by playing remarkably well during the selection. They make not only their families, but also us proud.

We wish all three players every success in continuing their football career and other activities!