25 Oktober 2023
Proceeds from Children’s Book Week 2023

Elementary school “Het Kompas” donates

Ronald Lepez and guitarist Irwing Benjamins contributed to the opening and closing of the Children’s Books Week 2023.

“At our home in Indonesia.”

The theme of Children’s Book Week 2023 was “At our home.” Ronald and Irwing mainly opened all classes of CBS “Het Kompas” in Heerenveen with all kinds of songs and interesting facts in and around the house in Indonesia. The closing was introduced by the duo with the song: “Give me nasi goreng”, which was sung in polonaise on the square. After this, the book market ended with homemade materials and cakes and snacks made by the parents. Partly due to the raffle, a total of €1300 was “earned” in two hours. The largest part was for the school, €300 was donated for Awas Kaki’s projects.