11 Januari 2024
This is how our projects stand

Our projects.

Update Januari 2024. “Project January 2024”: Ronald Lepez and Jan Melchers give various training courses at four different places this month. The donations received of €775 will be spent to support and encourage 13 trainers, 5 field workers and 71 selected players with meals. The status of all our projects: 1. Soccer 2. Study fund 3. Other projects

1. Soccer

A total of 132 players aged 6-15 years are now members of our association, including nine goalkeepers. Our junior and senior high schools have 36 and 35 players selected respectively. A total of 204 players and 16 teams. The oldest team plays in the local League 1 as the youngest team. Five students from the sports university are currently doing an internship with us (photo). The first selection days for new players for the 2023-2024 season took place in November with 56 players.

2. Study fund

We sponsor two primary school students, one senior high school student, one university student full time and one part time. Through our high school program, dozens of previously selected players receive a university education for FREE, most of them to become (sports) teachers.

  • Payment for wreaths at the Indian commemorations.
  • Food project from October to 25 families.
  • Course costs of a trainer for the AFC-3 diploma.
  • Course costs for a former player to follow a high referee course.
  • Travel expenses for a trainer who will start a football project in the Moluccas in January 2024.
  • Monthly support from two coaches on an island in the east.
  • Project Januari 2024.